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Reduce your water usage by up to 60% when showering.

Meet aiga, the world’s first smart, self-learning, WI-FI connected, water flow control system. It’s modern, sleek, easily installed, fits any shower, and reduces your water usage while saving you money!

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  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • How do I install it?
  • How do I use it?

A water saving device unlike any other...

It’s a WIFI enabled inline water control system that allows the users to control their water consumption via our app and then dynamically modulate the flow rate to save up to 60% of the water they use in a shower without any reduction in pressure, ensuring that the shower experience remains the same.

It's complicated, but...

Basically we have combined cutting edge sensors and aeronautical flow control systems into an easily installed hardware unit which dynamically modulates water flow rates without affecting your shower’s pressure.

This results in a shower experience like no other – you get all the benefits of a normal shower while saving water and money.

The specifics are advanced as you can see, but needless to say, after two years of diligent work by our team of Ph.D.s and fluid engineering experts, multiple prototypes, thousands of lines of code, and a few patents we have created something truly remarkable.

It's really easy...

So easy in fact, that it can be installed in less than 2 minutes regardless of an individual’s mechanical inclination.

Step 1
Undo your existing shower head with your hand or a wrench if needed.
Step 2
Screw on aiga. PTFE is integrated into the threads to ensure no leaks - remember, righty tighty, lefty loosey.
Step 2
Screw your shower head back on, open the app and you are done. You are now ready to have dynamic online control over your shower's water consumption. Congratulations!

Through our intuitive app...

Once downloaded and synced, aiga couldn’t be easier to use. For a quick water saving, just move the smart dial to how much water you want to save. aiga’s smart algorithms will take care of the rest and modulate your shower water flow to meet your savings goal.

Want something a bit more custom? You can create a unique program and decide your own flow rates for each minute that you’re in the shower!

Our app has lots of other cool functionality such as tracking how much water each unit uses on a daily basis so you can continually adapt your usage based on the time of the year and the changing price of water.


aiga in your house

aiga in your house

Why use aiga in your home?

To save water and money; it’s that simple. In the US, an average shower takes 10 minutes and uses between 25 and 35 gallons of water.


With aiga’s EPA watersense compliant 2.0 gpm basic setting, simply installing aiga can reduce your water usage by a minimum of 25%.

But by using our smart technology, you can increase the savings up to maximum of 60% or you can create a custom flow pattern based around an individual’s preferences or even based around the seasonal fluctuations in the price of water.

So if you want to save money as well as helping the environment – install aiga.

See aiga in commercial settings

See aiga in commercial settings

Why use aiga in your hotel or condo?

If you have multiple bathrooms in your building and are responsible for water costs – aiga is the solution you have been waiting for.


For commercial properties, we offer a cloud based control system where you can track the usage of up to 5,000 showers in one convenient dashboard.

This gives you the opportunity to use the standard functionality of our app but…

Our cloud system also allows you to set budgets and our our smart algorithm will adjust the usage in every shower on a daily basis to meet your water usage budgets.

For example – if you want to ensure your water usage doesn’t go over 100,000 gallons in a month during summer due to increased costs – just set your budget and aiga will do the rest!


We founded aiga with one simple mission: to create advanced, cost-effective water conservation products for everyone to help preserve the planet's most precious resource and to save money for our customers.

As you can see,we are an incredibly eclectic team drawn together with a singular bonding principle.

2 PhDs, 3 MBAs, a Designer,
a few Generalists, and 1 Suit counting the pennies.
  • Steve is the founder and CEO of aiga. He is responsible for the company’s business strategy, day-to-day management, as well as counting the pennies! He has over 25 years executive experience in start-ups and growth initiatives across industries as diverse as: semi-con, internet, consumer products, bathroom faucets, and outsourcing throughout Europe, Asia, and the US.

    Steve holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, a BS in Finance, & an MBA in Finance from USC

  • Stefan is the co-founder and CTO of aiga. He is responsible for product technology, design, and manufacturing. He has 20+ years experience in fluid dynamic products and is widely regarded as one of the fluid control industry’s leading experts. He has consulted with leading global research centers on design and manufacturability for cutting edge products in automation, robotics, and medical devices. Additionally, there are in excess of 50 products currently on sale in leading bathroom showrooms in the US that he engineered and designed.

    Stefan holds a BS, an MS, as well as a PhD in Hydraulics, Robotics, & Fluid Dynamics

  • Ion works with Stefan and his team on feasibly, technology, and newproduct design. He has over 25 years experience in micro-mechanical mechanisms and their integration into complex systems. He has published over 20 papers, 34 research reports, holds multiple patents, and has had his work referred to in 69 global technology conferences. In addition to aiga, he is tenured professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada where he teaches graduate mechanical engineers as well as supervising PhD students’ thesis.

    Professor Ion Holds a PhD in Micro-Mechanical Engineering

  • Beree is the head of design at aiga and is responsible for product aesthetics and branding design initiatives. He has 15 years experience in designing consumer products for global brands including: Apple, Belkin, Tesla, & Lexus. Additionally, during his time working for one of the US’s largest bathroom faucet manufacturers he designed and brought to market 25 faucets, showers, and accessory series that are available today in stores including: Lowes, Home Depot, and Ferguson.

    Beree holds a BA in Industrial Design from the Art Center College of Design