Aiga Life


How is aiga different from some other solutions?

There are many differences. There are some cheaper solutions that make you change the water setting on the unit itself and aren’t truly interactive. Others are made of cheap plastic – aiga is brass, just like the best showers in the world. And lastly, aiga will integrate with other IoT devices seamlessly including some pretty cool water saving products we are working on.

Do I have to use the app all the time I take a shower?

No; once you have made a setting on aiga’s app, the relevant shower will use that water saving level indefinitely. For it to change you would have to go into the app and make a change. We wanted to make it so you could pick a saving once and continually see the benefits. A few of us change it based on the season and the cyclical price of water.

Where and when can I buy aiga?

aiga is almost ready! We just have a few refinements to do on the app to make it even cooler. Once this is done we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in June 2016 where you will be able to pre-order one for delivery in early 2017 at a discount. At this stage it is our plan to sell primarily online but we have so many retailers wanting to sell aiga, we may eventually use traditional channels as well.

What else do I need to get aiga operational?

An internet connected device (IOS or Android) to download the app to, or a computer where you can create a cloud account. That’s it – its really pretty simple.

Can I install it myself?

Yes, 100%! We have made it super easy for everyone to do. It’s a matter of simply unscrewing your existing showerhead, screwing aiga on, then putting your showerhead back. To test how easy it is to install, we had Steve’s 7 year-old son try to install one – he did it in less than 5 minutes. Once installed simply sync to the app and set your shower programs.

What is your refund policy?

All aiga products have a 30-day money back guarantee, and a 1-year limited warranty against defects and malfunction. For more details see our terms & conditions.

How does the technology work?

We can’t tell all of our secrets. But basically our scientists created a unique flow system which is controllable and dynamic in nature and allows for the water flow rate to be modified without affecting pressure. The app and shower are in constant contact ensuring that all is well. This allows us to use less water in a shower while ensuring that the users have the same experience. It’s that cool we had to get some patents!

Can aiga be installed horizontally as well as vertically?

Yes, we designed aiga to be installed and work in any orientation, so you can use with horizontal wall mounted shower heads or with ceiling mounted shower heads. Basically any shower!

What colors does aiga come in?

Our standard finish is polished chrome. We will be introducing a brushed nickel very soon as well as custom finishes. If you have a custom need, let us know and we can see what we can do.

Will it fit my shower?

Yes, if you have a shower with a piped connection visible, the chances are aiga will fit. aiga has a 1/2” NPT thread connection which fits 99% of all showers. Check out our video to see how simple it actually is.

How does the app work?

It works on phones and tablets (IOS & Android) and enables you to either do a one click saving process – just click the icon on how much water you want to save and the system modifies the showering experience accordingly. Or if you want to be a bit more technical, you can create your own custom showering experience using the slide bars. For our commercial clients, with numerous showers, our cloud program (the app also has this functionality) has self-learning algorithms which control and adapts water usage; you can even set a maximum amount of water that you want to use in a month and aiga dynamically adjusts the flow rates across all showers on a daily basis to hit that number!

Do I have to pay sales tax?

If you live in CA, yes because we are based in Los Angeles. There are some other states where we may have to charge. If we do, you will see the associated cost at the checkout. If you are an international purchaser you will need to reach out to our sales team to get import duty info:

How can I get in touch with aiga?

Just drop us an email and we will get straight back to you – drop us a line if you just want to ask anything.

How big is aiga?

Pretty small for what you get! Its just over 3” long and 1” in diameter so when it’s installed’ it blends seamlessly into your shower setup.

How can I use it in different seasons?

One of aiga’s numerous advantages is its programmability. In winter and fall, when water is cheaper, you can set a program with maximum water flow and then in summer when water rates can be 200% more expensive, select a lower flow plan to keep your water expenses in check.

I have a 2.5 gpm low flow shower head already – can aiga save me water?

Yes it can. Through our app, you can still save up to 60% by using our standard programs or make yourself a custom solution based on your own needs.